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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a 14-year-old's birthday party just ended. as the teens walked outside the vallejo home, two suspects opened fire. i saw a bunch of little kids get shot. you shouldn't bring guns to birthday parties. good sunday evening everyone i'm aliana gomez in tonight for heather holmes. >> i'm ken pritchett. it happened as a large group of teens left a house party. eight local teens were shot and taken to local hospitals. here is what happened on calhoun street in the neighborhood of hillcrest park. ktvu rob malcolm was at the scene today speaking to neighbors. >> reporter: the video shot by ian darnell shows the aftermath after a birthday party for a 14-
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year-old girl ended in gunfire. after hearing loud bangs he stepped outside to take a look. >> the bullet whizzed past my head. and then yeah, it was insane to see a bunch of little kids get shot. >> reporter: vallejo police were called to the house at 110 calhoun street near benson after shortly after midnight. once on scene they found eight teens wounded and others injured. >> real quick pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. for me as a kid from utah, colorado, those were gunshots. they were not fire crackers. i heard people screaming. next thing i know my whole vehicle was littered with emergency vehicles. >> reporter: victims under the age of 18 were taken to area hospitals in stable condition. residents of the house told ktvu fox 2 news the kids were from local schools. they came to celebrate a birthday party for a 14-year- old girl. a grandmother kim and another
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relative named chris declined to go on camera, but wanted to share what happened. >> at 12:00 the party was over. it was over. i don't know why anyone would do that. they were teenagers. >> they were waiting for their rides home. some of the kids live in the neighborhood, so they were walking home. a car just slowed down and that was it. that was the end because you heard shots fired and all the kids started running. some came running into the house. >> reporter: two suspects wearing ski masks were waiting in a car for the par toy end. for the party to end. >> for me i feel it was pre- meditated. i don't know. you know, i don't know. my granddaughter doesn't associate with people who do stuff like that. that is not how she was raised. that is not how a lot of kids
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here were raised. >> reporter: investigators don't believe the shooting was living. ian darnell is also wondering how this could happen. >> it was very traumatic to see four or five kids get put in stretchers because they all got shot. it was very scary to think my family wasn't here last night. >> reporter: vallejo police don't know what led up to the shooting. they are appealing for witnesses to come forward. rob palm ktvu fox 2 news. berkeley police say they hope to make more arrests and connection with yesterday's violent clash between demonstrators and a city park. they planned to identify suspects using images from social media as well as their own surveillance footage. at least 20 people were arrested yesterday. some are facing charges that includes assault with a deadly weapon. a spokesman went over the list of confiscated weapons. >> the metal pipes, baseball bats, wood, poles, bricks, rocks. >> reporter: several people were hospitalized. police say all those injured were a part of the
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demonstration. they also said two of those arrested were associated with the march 4 confrontation. the golden state warriors started their second season today. their march for another nba championship. >> they played game one of their seven game playoff series for the trail blazer in oakland. ktvu joe fonzi is here with the details. >> you remember they gave them all they wanted last year. it's a one verses an eight, but again the blazers are off to a challenge today. the warrior's mission at the beginning of the season was simple. win an nba championship. that requires 16 wins in the post season and their number is now 15. draymond green seemed determine to will the warriors to a win in game one of their series today against portland. green's fat line was the epitome of the complete game. one of green's five blocks at a time when it was still anybody's game. green rattled into a three to put them in front for good. z one of green's 12 rebounds here to put back a steph curry miss. and also accounting for two of green's 19 points. now when the warriors needed to
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clampdown on the defense, green was a major reason why that happened. he comes across the court to reject damian lillard, which begins a warrior break. kevin durant gets the point to the other end. green filling up the stat sheet as the warriors take a 1-0 lead in this series with a 121-109 win. six warriors were it in double figures and a complete team win. it was green who has the main topic after the game. >> man against man. who is going to win the battle? to win that battle is different type of emotion. >> draymond was amazing. he made some tremendous defensive plays. he made threes. he rebounded the ball with nine assists. i mean he played a game that, you know, i'm not sure anybody else in the league is is capable of honestly. >> game two of the series again in oakland on wednesday. but a nice little show for the warriors today. >> he is the heart and soul.
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he wears his hearts on his sleeve. the team will have a nice night. >> no question about it in his stat line today and it was unbelievable. he led the team in assists and rebounds and those aren't the things you would normally think of when you talk about somebody leading in all those categories. >> you can't, but love his reaction, his emotions, his everything. i mean when he makes that block he comes down. the whole crowd gets amped up, it is such a great thing to watch. >> absolutely. >> thanks, joe. wednesday night is the next game. thank you. we have an update on the breaking story of a man's ashes stolen from the trunk of the car. joe wilkinson's widow sent us the picture of the scattering tube with her late husband's remains. she had traveled from charlotte, north carolina to scatter her ashes in the north bay. it would have been his 57th birthday. but while his rental car was parked at a fisherman wharf's garage, a thief took a suitcase, a wallet, and the
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tube with the ashes. mary wilkinson was devastated. she called police yesterday. they called her yesterday to say a man had anonymously returned the ashes. she now says she plans to take the ashes back to north carolina with her. police say they do have a person of interest in the theft, but they have not released any details. well it was an easter sunday washout around the bay area today. this is video from this afternoon in oakland. the rain forced the a's to postpone their afternoon game until later in the season. they likely forced many bay area families to change their plans especially for those easter egg hunts as well. meteorologist mark tamayo is track the storm. if the rain, how long it will stick around, mark? >> yeah, we are still talking about more shower chances over the next few days. we've been prepping everybody it would be a wet easter sunday. i wish i was wrong because that would be nice to have more sunshine today. but yeah we had rain and clouds out there paying us a visit. in terms of extreme rainfall, nothing too major.
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but i drove through pretty god downpours today. you can see oakland over a quarter of an inch.  san jose .24. san rafael and santa rosa .14. livermore just under .1 inches. most areas tonight is .5 to .1 inches. pretty good downpour for the region. here is a live camera looking out at san francisco bay. you can see a couple of breaks out in the distance. it will be trending drier over the next few hours. a lot of coverage on the the radar earlier today and this morning and especially this afternoon as that one cell moved across the region. there's not a lot of coverage to show you. not a lot of green. but we still have the possibility of a few scattered rain shores developing -- rain showers developing tonight. and then in the south bay as well closer to san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. a little bit of action on the radar. here is the wider view out here in the pacific. we will showout system moving on shore to northern california and the bay area. and then as we expand the view
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there is more clouds out here in the pacific to talk about for your monday, tuesday, and wednesday. i will still talk more about that and eventually you might like this forecast. we are talking about some 80s. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. pope francis gave his holy blessing to rome and the rest of the world today during easter sunday mass. oh mighty god, bless our sins. >> the pope addressed tens of thousands of people in st. peters square. he spoke about the tragedy and suffering in the world today. he encouraged people to cling to their faith despite all the war, sickness, and hatred. easter week is one of the holiest weeks of the year for christians beginning with palm sunday last week. president trump went to easter mass in florida today. he went to a church called bethesda by the sea near his club at palm beach. first lady melania, barren and tiffany, and the two parents
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attended the service. the president plans to spend the rest of his day at the private club. a memorial church in san francisco also addressed the suffering this easter. today's message encouraged people to find strength in uncertainty and change and to stand strong together. there were several celebrations starting with one at sunrise and the dining hall that was also very busy. the kitchen crew prepared something special for easter. >> well this is easter. it's a special day. we try to make every day a special day, but for easter we would try to do a little extra. we would get some nice ice cream, which we usually don't do on sundays. >> meal time is extended an extra half hour to hopefully get more people into the dining hall. the cook was expected to feed about a thousand people for lunch today. coming up failure to launch. the latest on north korea's failed missile test. and the vice president's trip to south korea.
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a suspect walked out of a charity auction with a stolen autographed football. find out who signed that football and how police are hoping the public could bring this case to a close. starting tomorrow night. a new option to watch ktvu. the 11:00 news begins right after the 10:00 news. we hope you will join us.
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to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. new information tonight about north korea's attempt. the failed launch came just hours before mike pence touched down on south korea. greg palcott has the latest. >> reporter: celebrating the birthday and the founder of this country and it was a dud this weekend. a missile in which the government tried to launch early sunday morning north korean time, blew up at liftoff. this according to the u.s. and
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south korean authorities. a couple hours prior to that we watched as missiles were paraded by the north korean laid -- north korean leader. it was at the launch site on the east coast today. and they could have threatened the u.s. ally japan and as well as 35,000 u.s. service members in that country. while a missile launch or a new test was expected around this time to mark that anniversary. there is new speculation. mike pence arrived at an air base after a few hours after the launch today. >> this morning's event from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of the people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> north korea's rocket and missile program is never too
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far away. even at the flower exhibition in the there of north korea. they might take an end by the young visitors. the north korean government has not acknowledged the launch or the failure. one government official took me aside and admitted to me these kinds of mistakes might happen. it might not even be the government's fault or some speculation of the united states and their cyber attack against the launch. it is reported they have done so in the past. but from everything i hear from the officials here, these kinds of things are going to keep going on. they are going to keep plugging away. in north korea fox news. by a small margin today, turkish voters gave more power to their president. the vote was 51.37% for and
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48.63% against. opponents say there were voting irregularities including a decision to accept valid ballots. supporters said it would bring small to the nation, but the changes will take effect after the next election is set for 2019. a man hunt is ongoing in cleveland tonight after a man live streamed a murder on facebook. take a look at the man they are hoping to track down. police say steve stephens walked up to and then shot and killed 74-year-old robert goodwin sr. this afternoon. they said he posted the video with the caption easter day slaughter. it was on facebook for three hours before it was finally taken down. in the video stephens claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people, but police have not verified that information. authorities have confirmed the shooting on the facebook video was in fact real. milpitas police said a man wanted in connection of a theft of a valuable autographed football has turned himself in. according town -- according to
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investigators. van lam stole a football from rice earlier this -- earlier this month. police are still searching for a second man they said was lam's accomplice. police are also looking for three other people they are calling persons of interest. the fool -- the football was valued at $3,500. an airport spokeswoman said slight 1721 was on its way to kona island when they experienced mechanical problems. the plane landed at 10:30. the passengers were transferred to another aircraft and left san francisco about 1:30 this afternoon. an avalanche temporarily closed highway 50 today near echo summit. the highway patrol said it happened at 11:30 this morning. the avalanche was five to six feet deep and about 30 feet wide. officials say the road was cleared and reopened by about
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an hour later. easter weekend meant a trip to the sierra for a lot of bay area skiers. conditionswere pretty nice. skiers and snowboarders were getting some of their last runs of the season. after next weekend several other resorts will also be closed even though they still have a lot of snow there. >> but it makes sense to us. we have agreement with the forest service on our operating permits and the operating dates. then we schedule employees to work those days. it sucks, it really sucks, but you need to come down here as much as you can. >> they hope to keep their runs in action until june and then reopen for the 4th of july conditions permitting. >> wow. >> yes, a long season. >> it doesn't look like things are legislate up when it comes to rain here. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the latest storm for us. >> yeah, i cannot recall with the resorts closing at this time late. >> yeah. it was so much snow and they are still picking up the snow
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today with snow levels up above 7,000 feet. seeing some rain reports out there right now. but a pretty accurate day in the bay area with the clouds rolling in and the rain showers as well. here is the system we have been tracking finally moving on shore. still some green to talk about on the radar, so we are not completely dry just yet. you might have that heavy mist or drizzle out there. and we do have more development out here in the pacific. nothing too major. but still you might want to keep the umbrella nearby for tonight. even into a portion of your monday as well. there will be scattered rainfall popping up in portions of the south bay and east bay as well outside fremont. good amounts out here towards 580 right around the livermore area as well. it was chilly out there. still chilly showing you 50s. 51 in santa rosa. san francisco 54. san jose in the upper 50s at 57. here is our live camera towards alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. still a lot of overcast out there.
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in terms of heavier rainfall from earlier today, most of that has moved out of town. overnight lows a lot of 50s to start off your monday morning. a chance for some drizzle or a few sprinkles. here is your sky cast in san francisco. 7:00 a.m. it's 55 degrees for tomorrow morning. then snow for your afternoon hours. the same deal by 3:00. maybe more breaks in the the overcast by mid to late afternoon. and it is a lot to talk about in the pacific as you can see a series of storms lighting up offshore. most of the energy with this pattern will be focused on the bay area over the next coming days. for your monday a chance for a sprinkle or light shower. for your tuesday we could have showers out there for your morning hours. once again for wednesday, it looks like we could have increasing clouds by wednesday evening. maybe some showers will be developing up in portions of the north bay. tomorrow morning, this forecast model is showingout expected rainfall and a chance throughout the day with a sprinkle or a light shower. then on tuesday that system
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will kind of fall apart over the region. this is tuesday morning. by 3:00 we're expecting partly cloudy skies. wednesday just increasing clouds by wednesday night. we'll be watching out for this guy. temperatures tomorrow, actually a little warmer than today. we would cool off a bit. but for tomorrow a lot of 60s are coming on board. livermore 66. san jose 65 degrees with a look ahead. not a washout, but still call it unsettled with more clouds and a chance for a sprinkle for your monday. maybe some showers on tuesday morning and then maybe once again by thursday morning. but look what happens beginning friday. something very interesting will happen. no rain clouds on friday. saturday partly sunny. sunday a week from now that could be the day a few neighborhoods will be back into the lower 80s. just think about next weekend. >> something to look forward to. thank you, mark. today was the last day of the northern california cherry blossom festival in san
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francisco. the four-day event began last weekend and wrapped up today with a grand parade. it also featured food booths, cultural performances, live bands, and other entertainment. this is the 50th anniversary year for the festival. it's hosted by the japanese community in japantown to celebrate japanese-american culture. coming up, more between the kings and the the warriors. joy joe will have the -- joe fonzi will have the complete highlights including the statement game made by draymond green.
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joe fonzi is here with sports. they will not roll over for the warriors. >> absolutely, nobody will. hopefully it is a long and entertaining season for a month and a half or so. but they made their intentions clear. anything less than another nba championship wouldn't be good enough. making his first playoff appearance in a warrior uniform. game one against portland. he was one of five warriors in double figure. but the team is at their best when they are contributing. off the bench to reject hartquist. klay thompson misses a three. but look at the hustle by mcgee to get down the court.
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steph curry with three of his 29 points. this is a crucial sequence. at that point it was just about anybody's game and then there is draymond green who would block damian lillard on one end to result in a basket for the other with 32 points. green led the team in rebound assists, steals, blocks. the warriors take game one of the series. 121-109. it was a challenging and satisfying series opener for head coach steve kerr. >> it's a great game. to me it was the perfect way to win game one. you get a real taste for what you are up against. you take a real good punch from your opponent. you see how good they are, but you are able to overcome everything and still get the win. >> and you had to be quite a dedicated baseball fan to take in the giants and the rockies today at at&t park.
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another disturbing game in which the giants did just enough to lose. one batter in and the giants were down. giants got through the bottom of the first. they tied the rockies. but in the second d. j. lemahieu drove up this run. he didn't give up another run in seven innings, but the giants never scored again losing 4-3. the a's were rained out of their game with the astros. sharks at home tonight against edmonton. we'll have it all for you at 10:00 and then again at 11:00 on sports wrap. >> on wednesday warriors were at it again. portland still here in town? >> absolutely. warriors and blazers game two right here on wednesday. and how about if there were enough things going on potentially in the bay area again. sharks at home, warriors at home, giants at home, the a's were suppose to be home, but got rained out. the giants were able to get their game in today and then the a's were not. >> it didn't look too good.
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it looked soggy out there with the ponchos and everything, not the type of game you want to sit at. >> not great baseball weather. coming up tonight at the 10:00 news, advocates are asking for a cause in san jose. >> the group is on a hunger strike until tuesday when a vote is expected for proposed city ordinance to protect tenants against no cause addiction. >> at 10:00 why it is a small price to pay to bring much- needed attention to an issue that is too often overlooked. we'll have that story and a whole lot more at 10:00. we'll see you then. have a good night.
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